40 years of CEA-COOP

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Tradition teaches us.


CEA, Cooperativa Edile Appennino, is a general construction company, active on the Italian and international territory. It was born in Monghidoro, in the Bolognese Apennines, in 1982 and in its first decade of activity it grew significantly, through the acquisition of important public and private contracts. After establishing itself in the field of maintenance and emergency intervention on pipelines, opening its horizons also to the international market, CEA opens a branch of the company dedicated to purification plants and concentrates its production in the town of Calderara di Reno, today the nerve centre of the company.

The success of the Cooperative is due to an excellent organizational flexibility, accompanied by highly qualified personnel, endowed with a highly specialized know-how that bears the signs of the excellence of Made in Italy.An example of CEA's long-term vision is given by the recent generational exchange of the management. In 2014, in fact, it was decided to appoint a new director under 35, demonstrating how much the cooperative believes in a young and inclusive approach to future challenges.CEA as of today is a general construction company specializing in the following sectors: building and infrastructures, networks and emergency, environment and purification. Since 2014, CEA is the national leader and third in Europe in the waterproofing of dams and reservoirs in asphalt.


CEA was originally established as a limited liability company but only two years after its foundation it was transformed into a cooperative. This associative nature is the basis of its corporate philosophy, in which the enhancement of the person and the importance of work as a form of social fulfilment are emphasized. In fact, the company is committed to giving and creating work opportunities in the contexts in which it operates.

CEA is also an active cooperative in trade associations, as it is committed to representing the common interests of the sector at local, regional and national level.

Mission and Vision

The importance of work is at the heart of CEA's interests and constantly guides the company's decision-making processes. CEA believes in a job that guarantees dignity to human beings, that favours the satisfaction of their basic needs and that allows the transfer of dignity and stability not only to individual employees but also to their families.
For this reason, the cooperative is committed to transform its employment opportunities into opportunities for human and professional growth, in line with the individual passions and abilities of its employees. The attention to the gratification of the worker is also reflected in a relationship with the customer always oriented to the full satisfaction of their needs.
To guarantee customers, employees and partners, CEA has codified its value system, fixing its mission on some essential points:

  • The work carried out must guarantee continuous growth and training, raising their professionalism
  • Workers must have equal career opportunities and have their dignity and privacy respected
  • Company and employees must carry out their duties in the interest of the communities of the territories in which they operate
  • Social values such as honesty, justice, solidarity and sustainability must never be sacrificed for the sake of profit
Since 2008 CEA has had a Code of Ethics, shared by all its suppliers and developers, as well as by internal staff. It guarantees the respect of the rules described above and guides every decision of the board of directors. Since 2010 CEA has been certified in compliance with the requirements of the SA8000:2014 standard for social responsibility.
CEA has always based its work on precise Values, with which it identifies, which are reported in the Carta dei Valorishared with all company personnel.

One of CEA's main objectives, in line with the values ​​expressed, is to minimize the environmental impacts resulting from the processes carried out in the production activities it carries out, through continuous improvement actions.
For this reason, in 2019 the company obtained the EMAS Registration, within which it annually draws up the Environmental Declaration, giving evidence of its performance in the environmental field.

In order to implement its Mission, in compliance with its Values, CEA adopts a Policy aimed at defining its intentions, in compliance with the voluntary rules to which it has adhered.


Equal opportunity

Work enhancement