Transport infrastructures

Construction and maintenance of transport infrastructures

Within the infrastructure sector, CEA realizes a wide variety of services for mobility, carrying out maintenance work on roads, highways, tunnels and other related projects. Moreover, the cooperative also intervenes with projects related to sustainable mobility, building and monitoring bicycle and pedestrian paths within the city.

There are also services of construction and control of airport runways.
Besides intervening on mobility, CEA assures its professionalism in hydrogeological contexts and in the reinforcement of slopes.

Infra Traporto

Main orders

Circuito di Imola

Lavori di sistemazione autodromo di Imola (BO)


Raccordo stradale tra la SS 527 e la SS 11 con il raccordo della A4 (casello autostradale di Boffalora)

Aereoporto Marconi

Realizzazione parcheggio Aeroporto Marconi (BO)


Stazione ferroviaria Alta Velocità - Bologna