Asphalt Dams

Waterproofing of hydraulic works with MBSM technology

Asphalt Dams

CEA presents itself today as a leader in the field of works related to the asphalt coating for the waterproofing of dams, a field in which it is necessary to have great experience, technical knowledge and adaptability.

In May 2014, CEA acquired the business unit Ing. Giuseppe Sarti & C. S.p.A. which carried out highly specialized work in the waterproofing of dams, lakes and canals. Over the years, the technology of bituminous coating has shown a series of advantages, also proven by the vast experience of the Sarti company.
Today CEA can boast to have inherited from Sarti over 40 years of experience, together with its knowhow, the special equipment to work on slope and the trained manpower. Nowadays CEA-Sarti is the only Italian company and one of the three in Europe involved in asphalt dams, asphalt lakes and water channels. After the acquisition of Sarti's Asphalt Dams division, CEA is now a player in the specialist sector of impermeable asphalt-concrete linings for dams and reservoirs.


The study of the best asphalt mix design, the preparation of the suitable equipment to carry out the works on slope and the appropriate quality control before, during and after the execution of works are essential aspects of quality assurance in the work carried out.

Starting from the historical expertise on asphalt sealing systems for hydraulic structures, CEA is well organized to handle new challenges: the company's main characteristic is the great ability to meet the needs of its customers, adapting its operating methods to the circumstances of the job.

In recent years, CEA has renewed its own equipment specifically suited to work on slopes, and has also developed new special equipment and technologies for the fulfilment of special needs, always respecting the mandatory safety standards.

CEA is able to respond to maintenance needs even on asbestos containing facings, guaranteeing zero environmental impact. Some of the activities CEA deals with are:

  • Waterproofing of hydraulic works with slopes up to 65%
  • Restoration of asphalt cover on existing dams
  • Protection with a bituminous mastic seal
  • Eco-friendly technology

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CEA's main characteristic is the great ability to meet the needs of its customers, adapting its operating methods to the circumstances of the job. CEA employs a good part of its resources in research and development and has patented a new technique of restoration of existing asphalt dams and reservoirs.: the MBSM (Modified Bitumen Sealing Membrane). MBSM is a structural bituminous membrane consisting of modified bitumen and aggregates that are applied at the same time to form a covering layer and ensure the surface of the facing is waterproof. This technique is a re-adaptation of the classic multi-layer treatments for road paving to the field of waterproofing and the machine used is specifically designed for working on slope.
The composition of the bitumen is studied from time to time in the laboratory following a prior investigation of the state of the face to be restored. This membrane represents a revolution in the field of waterproofing of dams.

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Extension of the useful life of hydraulic works

Ability to withstand thermal variations

Eco-friendly technology

Flexibility and adaptation to the needs of individual interventions


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