Always at the service of its community

CEA carries out works for the benefit of the community, focusing its attention on structures that provide support and assistance to fragile or disadvantaged categories. This type of construction fully realizes the vocation of the cooperative, which has always been committed to community service and help.

School buildings, as well as structures for the reception of the elderly, are some of the projects that see CEA as a protagonist in this field and that demonstrate a constant desire to make a contribution to the concrete needs and requirements of society.


Main orders

Istituto Giorgi

Lavori di costruzione dell’Istituto Giorgi, Provincia di Milano

Casa Residenza Anziani

Residenza per Anziani di Bellaria Igea Marina (RN) e opere di urbanizzazione annesse - Cooperativa Sociale Il Cigno

Adeguamento sismico scuola Monghidoro

Monghidoro, Bologna

Scuola Primaria Rubri

Imola, Bologna

RSA Miramare

Resindenza per anziani a Miramare (RN) - Cooperativa Sociale Il Cigno