Go back to meet your loved ones and relive the warmth and affection of a simple and ancient gesture as man: the embrace. A contact that the pandemic for so many months has denied, especially to the elderly hospitalized in social-health facilities: thanks to CEA - Cooperativa Edile Appennino, the guests of the CRA 'San Fortunato' and 'Le Grazie' in Rimini, belonging to the Social Cooperative 'Il Cigno' in Cesena, from December to today have returned to live every day this exciting experience in absolute safety through two 'rooms of embraces' made thanks to an important donation by the Bologna company to which is added the additional support of employees who has contributed to two other structures located in the CRA 'San Vincenzo de Paoli' of Santa Sofia (FC) and in the CRA 'Domenico Lorenzo Ricci' of Premilcuore (FC). And today that, by virtue of the ordinances, the return to normality is ever closer, one can look with satisfaction at the result achieved by these structures.

"The elderly - explains the president of CEA, Giuseppe Salomoni - represent the foundations of our society and in CEA we know very well that, if you do not take care of the foundations, every building is destined to collapse. The pandemic has taken so much away from millions of people but the elderly who are not self-sufficient living in the RSA has denied even the simplest form of affection: the warmth of contact with their loved ones. These 'Rooms of the embraces', already operative for some time, have represented a precious possibility for a first return to normality through a gesture as simple as powerful: we are builders, we like to think that, thanks to our contribution, has built a moment of happiness for so many people."
From thought to action, the step was short. On the occasion of the Christmas holidays, together with our best wishes, we announced to our employees the company's intention to make a donation, also donating the equivalent of the cost of the traditional Christmas lunch. A gesture that was welcomed with great sharing giving rise to the overall collection of an important sum. The choice of the reality to which to allocate the donation fell on the Social Cooperative 'The Swan' of Cesena with which we have operated in the past and of which we recognize the professional and moral value.

"Thanks to the generosity of CEA and its employees - comments the General Manager of the cooperative 'The Swan', Anna Grazia Giannini - we have created some new rooms of the hugs: two, entitled to CEA, were placed in our facilities in Rimini, Two others, created thanks to the contribution of the employees of the Bologna cooperative, were put into operation in Premilcuore and Santa Sofia. It is a gesture of great sensitivity that shows the closeness to our care facilities, engaged in the first line alongside the elderly and that confirms how essential is the collaboration and support between the different social and economic actors of the territory, to strengthen even more cohesion in this complex crossing of the pandemic. These spaces within our facilities, places of loving closeness, have proved very important in recent months for both our guests and their families. Just as we take care of the works of our work and our ingenuity - Salomoni concludes - we must take care, with care and love, of those who gave us life and allowed us to be the men and women we are today. We trust that, thanks to these 'Embrace Rooms', some of that long-denied happiness has been returned. In the hope, of course, that the pandemic will become, as soon as possible, only a bad memory and that we can return to embrace our elderly without any danger to them."